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Vehicle Registration (Japan only)

If your vehicle has just been imported into Japan it's best to seek professional help with registration. Please let us take care of it. Registering a vehicle in Japan requires that you find an insurance agent,  complete a vehicle inspection, register a parking space, and loads of extra paperwork . If you are unsure of the process it could take months or even years as vehicle modifications and compliance inspections are required prior to vehicle registration. 


Our network of technicians specialize in Classic, Exotic, and Luxury Vehicle Repair. Along with these repair services we provide  specialized parts ordering services for Current & Vintage vehicles.

vehicle & Parts Shipping

Our company  provides vehicle import/export services to and from Japan, the Americas, Europe and Africa. We also have temporary storage facilities for customers who would like to delay shipments.


Do you need to order car parts that are in Japan or the U.S.A but live in a different country? We can help, please give us a call for inquiries.

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