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  1. Customs Clearance/Import Taxation

  2.  Emissions Testing and Modification

    • Brake Testing required for Trucks/Suvs​

  3. JVIA Compliance Preparation and Documentaation

  4. Vehicle Compliance Inspection/ Modification and Documentation.

  5. Vehicle Registration 

After importing a vehicle to Japan drafting of vehicle compliance documents require engineering knowledge, technical document drafting experience and vehicle modification certification.

 If you are unsure of the process it could take months or even years as vehicle modifications and compliance inspections are required prior to vehicle registration.


  1. Insurance 

  2.  Parking Certification​​

  3. MLIT Compliance Inspection/Modification, and Documentation.

  4. Vehicle Registration



Our Maintenance & Repair service specializes in the electrical and mechanical repair and maintenance of both classic and current vehicles.

We have vast experience in coding and troubleshooting Japanese and European vehicles that have OBD and CANBUS systems. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance.

Classic and Current JDM, EUDM, USDM Vehciele 

Maintenance & Repair

  1. Maintenance & Repair

  2. Modification,

  3. Vehicle Coding via OBD and CANBUS Protocols

  4. Key Coding,,

  5. Electrical Trouble Shooting


Our junking service is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. We'll come to you and quickly remove your vehicle, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of towing it away. We'll even pay you top dollar for your car, so you can get the most out of your junked vehicle.

  1. MLIT SystemDeregistration

  2. Export Documentation

  3. Vehicle Pick Up/Transport

  4. Export Documentation.

  5. Electrical Trouble Shooting

Japan Auto Auction Buying Service 


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